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Trombone Doubling Issues

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I'm in quite a pickle here, but I'll try to best explain my situation without this turning into too large of a wall of text.

I'm a fairly young euphonium player, certainly not pro by any standards. I've been playing for about 12 years, and up until very recently did not have a private teacher.

Several months ago I switched from a mouthpiece I was using for about 2 years. I'm not a gear guy by any stretch of the imagination; I think it's fascinating, but I generally just use what works. Well, I THOUGHT the mouthpiece I was using was great. Every every show though, and after about an hour of playing, my lips always...burned? I know now that it wasn't a normal burn from exhaustion; it actually stung. My lips went through a cycle of bruising, swelling and fire and I assumed it was because I needed to build endurance. That all changed a year ago when my teacher let me borrow one of his. I'll never forget when I used it for the first time; it felt like heaven! Apparently my face didn't really like the rim. Who knew!

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