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By sander - Posted on 01 December 2009 - 21:32

Some time ago an active user of (bro2baseball) came up with the idea of creating a "sheet music repository" in the Tab Requests Forum.

bro2baseball wrote:
Use this thread to post links to any horn transcriptions you have: Finale files, Sibelius files, PDFs, etc.

Because a forum thread is not the ideal place to store and search through links, I've created a way to submit links sheet music to and search through all sheet music that is added.

This functionality is only available to registered users, so please create an account or log in!

To submit a new link to sheet music, do this:
- Log in to
- Click 'Create Content' from the menu in the left column
- Click 'Link to sheetmusic'
- Fill out all fields and click Submit
- Wait until the site moderator has checked and approved the link

The moderator will publish the link so everyone will be able to see it!

If anyone wants to write an interesting article about how to find / create / scan / upload sheet music, please submit this to the site as an article, and I will put it online. This will help us creating a bigger sheet music repository!

Have fun!

PS: Please rate submitted tabs and sheet music links, this will help other users find the best quality tabs or links!

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Is there any way I can pull

Is there any way I can pull out each part from one of these files so that its not all one one sheet?

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I know there used to be tons

I know there used to be tons of sheet music here, but now the repository is completely empty. Did it all get archived somewhere?

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I'm still seeing it all there

I'm still seeing it all there